Community Day

Community Day took place on April 26, 2014, with nearly 1,000 volunteers serving 50 non-profits in the Denver Metro Area.


The 2014 Concerts For Kids Community Day gave back $511,735.84 with the help of nearly 1,000 volunteers to complete a combined 6,000 hours of work in one, six-hour day. Teams of volunteers were dispersed to over 50 pre-selected non-profits within the Metro area to complete multiple facility improvement projects, including painting, landscaping, cleaning, roofing, carpeting and much more. Providing this community service to the organizations allows them the freedom to use their budgets for more important needs, like staffing and programming.

The 2014 Community Day was the biggest year yet as Concerts For Kids benefited 1,334,489 children and their families at nearly 50 non-profit sites within Denver.

In addition to dedicated volunteers, sponsors are recruited to help make this event a success each and every year. From providing lunch to donating roofing supplies and labor, companies across Colorado embrace the opportunity to help make our community a better place.